Dr. Evelyn Gabrys

Certified Labour Law Specialist

Prinz-Georg-Straße 91
40479 Düsseldorf

T: +49 (0)211 / 44 97 44 0
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Welcome to my office!

As Certified Labour Law Specialist with experience in cross-border cases and collaboration with colleagues in foreign countries, I offer legal advice and representation in court and outside court (e.g. vis-à-vis the authorities such as employment agency or integration office) for clients in the area around Düsseldorf, Münster and in the Ruhr.

Since April 2007, I have supported employees, managers and employers (from a small start-up to a big international group of companies) in different branches (e.g. chemistry, car industry, hotel and catering, trade/bank/insurances, communications, physicians, musicians, designers).

I clarify for you all questions of individual and collective labour law (e.g. employment contract and service agreement, relocation, dismissal, release from work, reference letter, post-contractual competition restraint, election and co-determination rights of the works council). Furthermore, I cover other fields of law in context with labour law (e.g. social law or tax law in case of a termination or settlement agreement or in case of an assignment abroad).

My publications comprise i.a. the following topics: transfer of undertaking (my thesis), dismissal protection (contribution to a book, comments to judgements), General Equal Treatment Act, protection at work and work accident (contributions to English publications for clients).

In order to continue training, I attended i.a. seminars concerning the following topics: Transfer of undertaking in financial crisis and insolvency, Data Protection for employees, connections between labour law and company law (e.g. transformation of companies), Minimum Wage Act, influences of Industry 4.0 on legal departments and lawyer’s offices, challenges for employer and works council in case of virtual sites, agency work, strategy and tactic for the arbitration committee.

If you instruct me, we will conclude a compensation agreement (legal fees or hourly rates plus expenses and VAT). You can receive a fee estimation on demand. Representation in court is compensated by legal fees as a minimum. Please note that the opponent party is not necessarily obliged to reimburse your costs, even if we win the law suit. For single projects, we can conclude a flat rate. 

Do not hesitate to contact me - best via email.

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